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Analog Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

About VC-C50i/VC-C50iR

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PTZ Analog Cameras
Item Code: 0667B001


Easy Connection and Installation

Installation of your PTZ camera is easy because of the connection options the VC-C50i provides. The camera's secure and sturdy Multiple Connector Interface and Connector Block give you S-Video out, RS-232C in and out, as well as connections for Alarm out, Sensor in, and External Light Trigger. Plus, for those seeking built-in video and control connectors on the unit, the VC-EX3 connects to the VC-C50i providing direct access to S-Video, RS-232 in and RS-232 out. Your VC-C50i also comes with BNC video output and a supplied BNC/RCA video adaptor for even greater flexibility. With all this flexibility, you can get it connected -- and get it working for you right away.