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Network Cameras

Vandal Resistant Mini-Dome Camera
Item Code: 4073B002


Camera Setting Adjustments

The VB-C500VD has a variety of camera setting adjustments for various situations.

Three Metering Modes
The VB-C500VD offers three selectable metering modes, or methods for measuring brightness (amount of light) of subjects to set the exposure. This is a first in this class of network cameras. Choose from "Average", "center-Weighted" or "Spot", which can be switched depending on the shooting condition.

Seven Levels of Exposure Compensation
Automatic exposure compensation offers seven levels of correction. Compared to other cameras where only positive correction for backlit situations is available, the VB-C500VD has negative correction for overly bright situations so you can set the white balance and the light source to match the installation site. Below is an example of positive correction.

Shutter Priority Auto Exposure
The VB-C500VD allows you to select a desired shutter speed, and the camera will then set the matching aperture value for a proper exposure. If you change the shutter speed or the light level changes, the camera adjusts the aperture accordingly. This is useful for fast-moving subjects such as cars in motion, where setting a fast shutter speed will ensure blur-free capture.