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Item Code: 6815B001


On-board Video Analytics

The VB-H710F is packed with features which enhance its functionality and usability. Among the most useful are its sophisticated On-board Video Analytics, enabling the camera to detect Moving, Abandoned, or Removed Objects in its range of vision, and also detect attempts at Camera Tampering and changes in Sound Levels. In addition, Passing Detection has been added to the list to enhance the monitoring capabilities of the VB-H710F, allowing you to define a line which triggers an alert when it is crossed in a defined direction.

For increased control in monitoring sensitive areas, the VB-H710F also offers a Privacy Mask function. With it, you can block specific sections of the camera's field of view, to avoid intrusions of privacy, or password theft.

Thanks to the VB-H710F's impressive algorithm, highly precise detection is achieved using polygonal and rectangular shapes to specify up to 15 areas of detection. Adding polygonal to rectangular shapes allows for increased flexibility in detection areas. An additional benefit comes from the provision for notification of a detection through the network from the camera using a number of functions. They include automatic recording, e-mail transmission, and uploading videos and images to a specified target server. It is also possible to combine a number of detection functions for simultaneous notification.

Moving Object Detection


Removed Object Detection


Abandoned Object Detection


Camera Tampering Detection


Sound Level Detection


Passing Detection


Privacy Mask Function

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