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X Mark I Mouse Slim

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X Mark I Mouse Slim
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Calculator Keypad Mouse
Item Code: 5565B001

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Great idea, poor quality I bought two of these, one for home and one for the office. they worked great for a while, but after 6 months or so one of them will no longer connect via bluetooth and the other one has lost the springiness to the right button so it gets actuated at random times. The calculators work great though if you need a small 4-function calculator with a non-standard keypad size. March 13, 2014
Great mouse for CAD work – A very happy Engineer! I’ve had this mouse for about a year. When this mouse was connected to my netbook running windows 7, it was laggy and sometimes unresponsive. I tried connecting it to my regular laptop (also Windows 7), and as other users have experienced, it would have difficulty reconnecting after it was used and went into hibernation. I just received a new CAD workstation laptop (Precision M3800) running Windows 8.1. Unfortunately this workstation doesn’t have a keypad – which makes solid modeling numeric input difficult. As an interim fix, I decided to try the Canon Mark I mouse. The mouse worked flawlessly – completely opposite of my past experience. The mouse is responsive and accurate. Now, there are also no connectivity issues after the mouse hibernates after a few minutes without use (as there were previously). Now, here this mouse really shines – the number pad and calculator! There is a “CAL/KP” key to switch it from a calculator to a keypad. When in calculator mode, you can crunch numbers, then press “Enter” and it will send the computed value to your solid modeling application (so far I’ve tried it with Solidworks and Inventor). Or you don’t press enter, and it doesn’t send anything to your computer – it just works as a calculator. When in keypad mode, you can use it as a keypad and have it provide input real-time. And an added bonus is having the option to just hit the “Enter” key after you’ve performed an action in the CAD software – completely unrelated to any numeric input. As for ergonomics, the buttons must be pressed directly down, not forward. This allows you to rest your palm on the key pad (with reasonable pressure) without activating any of the keys due to the slope of the profile. Great foresight on Canon's part with this design. Overall I’m pleased with this mouse’s features, and I’m happy I didn’t throw it away after seeing its behavior with Windows 7. January 23, 2014
no dongle option who sells a bluetooth mouse without a bluetooth dongle option? it seems canon. i even have a bluetooth computer and it is sporadic at best to link. how would you like working on files and your mouse freezes with no way to link back up since it's frozen. if you dont offer a dongkle option tghen stop selling these. June 27, 2013
Works well but stops. I tried it on Windows 7 pro SP1, 64 Bit As others have said, when it goes dormant, it no longer responds. Double left click does not reactivate. Switching on and off does not reconnect. Troubleshooting does not find any issues and selecting properties states no mouse was found. Without deleting the device from Bluetooth devices and adding it again, it will not function. It is essentially a paperweight that looks like a mouse. January 30, 2013
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