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About P23-DHIII

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Item Code: 8076A001


  • Decimal Point Selector Switch
    Preset decimal point at + (Add mode), 0, 2, 3, F (Floating).

  • Print On/Off, Item Count, Rate Set
    Print On/Off: Choose to have a printout or not.
    Item Count: Keeps a running count of the number of items you have entered.
    Rate Set: Used to store the tax rate figure. The entered tax rate will remain stored even when the calculator is turned off.

  • Round Up/Off/Down Switch
    Rounds the results of multiplication or division to a preset number of digits.

  • Tax Keys
    Allows you to set a specific tax rate then add it to or subtract it from a desired number.

  • Calendar and Clock Function
    Allows you to switch between clock and calendar mode. You can view the date and time on the display or print it.

  • Business & Sales Calculations
    Allows you to compute cost price, selling price and margin percentage, automatically.

  • Non Add (#) and Subtotal (◊) # Allows you to enter reference dates, check numbers or invoice numbers that will print without affecting your calculation.
    Prints out the subtotal, then allows you to continue your calculations.