• Advanced Productivity:
    • Documents are output at amazing print speeds of up to 65 ppm (BW, letter)
    • Paper capacity can be extended to a maximum of 9,300 sheets to ensure that long jobs can run without having to stop for paper replenishment.
    • High toner and drum yields and the ability to replace toner on the fly help minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
    • The powerful Océ PRISMAsync operation management features an intelligent job Scheduler that enables up to eight hours of plan-ahead production in an efficient, media-driven workflow.
    • The optional Operator Attention Light signals upcoming operator interventions - such as needed media refills - several minutes before action is required, thereby allowing time to help prevent a halt in production.

  • Advanced Versatility:
    • Advanced paper handling and multiple finishing capabilities handle a wide range of jobs efficiently and cost effectively.
    • Print on coated, matte, or specialty stocks in weights from 14lb Bond to 110lb. Cover and sheet sizes from 5-1/2"" x 7-1/8"" to 13"" x 19-1/4"".
    • Choose one of three paper decks, a 3,500 letter-sized Paper Deck, a 3,500 sheet POD Deck Light that supports up to 13"" x 19"" paper and coated stock, or a 6,000 sheet Multi-Drawer Paper Deck that supports up to 13"" x 19-1/4"" paper and coated stock.
    • Choose from a wide range of inline finishing options, including multiposition stapling of up to 100 sheets; automatic 2- and 3-hole punching; professional punching with various punch patterns; preprinted media insertion for covers or page inserts; various folding capabilities including Z-, C-, Accordion Z-, Half-fold, Double-Parallel fold; and saddle-stitching and face-trimming of up to 20-sheet/80-page booklets.

  • Advanced Image Quality:
    • True 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution produces crisp text with smooth corners, while subtle gradient transitions give images remarkable clarity.
    • Flexible color control for accurate color management by any user. Color management with PRISMAsync includes Color Presets, Input/Output profiles, and spot color matching.
    • Precise eight-beam red lasers have a small diameter to produce high quality images with proper shading and accurate registration, without sacrificing productivity.
    • pQ toner is oil-free and uses small particles containing micro-dispersed wax so toner fixes evenly and lies flat. The result is sharp, vivid, dense images, improved gloss levels, and a smooth finish.
    • Auto Gradation Adjustment sets the ideal level for densities and halftones while Real-Time Calibration helps maintain this level by making automatic, real-time adjustments during print runs.
    • Accurate registration is achieved with an intelligent cassette design, manual adjustment features, and the ability to precisely match front-to-back registration within one millimeter for duplex documents.

  • Advanced Workflow:
    • Canon technology and Océ PRISMA operation management provide you throughput and production power to add services, respond to changing customer requirements, take on new work, and turn it around faster while reducing costs with a streamlined workflow.
    • A unique user interface with an intelligent job Scheduler displays every queued job and an overview of work scheduled for the day.
    • Media is defined once and used throughout the different steps of the printing process to minimize operator and prepress errors.
    • Océ PRISMAsync integrates seamlessly with other Océ PRISMA workflow software, including Océ PRISMAprepare® for WYSIWYG document preparation and Océ PRISMAaccess® for internal/intranet/Web-based job submission.

  • Advanced Responsibility:
    • Canon's helps to reduce C02 emissions and uses less packaging for efficient transportation.
    • Designed with 100% recycled plastic and bio-based plastic for certain components.
    • Meets Energy Star standards.
    • pQ toner and new Induction Heat fusing system help to reduce overall energy consumption by minimizing heat and power requirements. Meets and exceeds ROHS directive.