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  • The imageRUNNER C3170U delivers output at 31 pages-per-minute (black and white) and 7 pages-per-minute (color), supporting the needs of busy office environments.
  • The imageRUNNER C3170U has been designed with an innovative dual processor supporting up to 1 GB RAM, and a 80GB hard disk, thus eliminating bottlenecks and improving network efficiency.
  • With the ability to scan originals at 44 pages-per-minute (300 dpi) and 28 pages-per-minute (600 dpi) in both color and black-and-white, combined with 2400 x 600 dpi output resolution, the imageRUNNER C3170U will make every image sharp, every gradation smooth and every character crisp.
  • With Canon's standard Color Universal Send technology, users are able to scan and distribute documents to multiple destinations, eliminating the expense and administrative burden associated with conventional methods of printing, filing, and forwarding hard-copy documents. And with the optional PDF High-Compression Kit-A1, users can compress files to their absolute minimum file size for efficient sending.
  • Installed with an optional Super G3 Fax Board-S1 or the Super G3 Multi-Line Fax Board-F1 (2 lines) with the iR expansion RAM-C1, the imageRUNNER C3170U can be transformed into an advanced, easy-to-use fax machine.
  • With a standard 1,100-sheet paper capacity that can be expanded to support up to 4,750 sheets, the imageRUNNER C3170U can meet the volume requirements of any workgroup. Additionally, users have the ability to print onto various types of media, including transparencies, envelopes, and irregular-size paper.
  • An optional 50-sheet capacity Automatic Document Feeder makes scanning multi page and different-size originals easy.
  • With the optional Finisher-P1, an innovative, internally mounted finishing option, the imageRUNNER C3170U offers basic stapling and collating with the main device footprint.
  • For those users requiring advanced document finishing needs, the optional Finisher-Q1/Q3 provides multi position, stapled output. Also, the optional Saddle Finisher-Q2/Q4 is equipped for outputting V-folded, saddle-stitched booklets.