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Item Code: 7708A001


  • Connected to the CLC 1180, 1140 or 1110, the ColorPASS-Z400e employs a powerful Intel® Celeron® 566MHz processor to output even complex print jobs at maximum speeds.

  • With 192MB of RAM and a generous 20GB hard drive, the ColorPASS-Z400e provides ample storage for multipage documents.

  • With the ColorPASS-Z400e's RIP-While-Print® and Continuous Print® functions, you can expect uninterrupted throughput, workflow without downtime, and productivity without limits

  • With NetWise® open architecture, the ColorPASS-Z400e offers seamless connectivity across networks, platforms and software applications.

  • Easy access via Web browser and an intuitive user-interface provides extensive flexibility from every connected desktop.

  • With ColorWise® 2, the ColorPASS-Z400e delivers "out-of-the-box," high-quality color automatically, complete with Pantone® matching and Adobe® PostScript® 3 support. Color Wise® 2 allows graphic arts professionals to gain greater control over color accuracy, with advanced capabilities for customizing ICC profiles, color calibration, image manipulation and color matching.