imageFORMULA DR-6010C Production Scanner

imageFORMULA DR-4010C / 6010C

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  • High Speed:
    Capable of maintaining the same high scanning speeds in color, grayscale and black and white up to 200 dpi up to 60 ppm and 120 ipm.
  • Suggested Daily Volume:
    Built to match the volume requirements of decentralized departmental scanning.
  • Advanced Sensor:
    Employ advanced three line CIS sensors enable prompt transition of hardcopy documents into electronic files.
  • High Flexibility:
    Capable of reliably handling a wide variety of document sizes, from 2.1 by 2.8 inches up to 8.6 by 14 inches. A Long Document Mode enables scanning of documents up to 118 inches in length. Flexible paper feed and output trays enhance reliable scanning of batches of mixed document sizes.

    Optional Flatbed Scanner Unit 101 expands document capture capabilities for different sizes and types.
  • Reliable Feeding:
    Employ Canon's advanced and unique feeding mechanism as well as such features as Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection and Rapid Recovery to ensure smooth and reliable document feeding. Combined with solid body design and heavy-duty feed and eject trays to help minimize downtime and help maintain business continuity.
  • High Image Quality:
    Employ advanced three line CIS sensors with an automatic dust-free shading calibration mechanism to capture intricate details with up to 600 dpi resolution. Image quality can be further enhanced using such features as Advanced Text Enhancement, Moire Reduction, and Remove Bleed Through.
  • Small size:
    Easily fits on a desktop.
  • Ease-of-use:
    User friendly operation through programmable pre-registered Scan-To-Job buttons.
  • Front Side Operation:
    Ergonomic design with a U-Turn paper path, that allows a user to conveniently feed and retrieve documents from the front side, and an advanced document feed tray space saving design, that employs the front cover as document feed tray when open.