About imagePASS-A2


  • Realize Powerful Productivity
    • System 10e platform processes jobs significantly faster than its predecessor and increases the printing speed of Microsoft® Office and Adobe® documents by providing a more efficient path for image and graphic-rich files.
  • Achieve Accurate, Consistent Color
    • Helps you achieve precise color with integrated tools that can be used by employees at all skill levels.
    • ColorWise® color management technology gives you impressive color and image quality right out-of-the-box.
    • Spot-On offers a complete and easy-to-use toolset to achieve the best match to PANTONE® and custom spot colors.
  • Use an Easy and Friendly Office Solution
    • Fiery VUE allows you to produce professional-looking, finished print materials, such as booklets, easily and cost-effectively in-house.
    • The interactive desktop application comes with a user-friendly 3D interface that visually guides you through the document creation process with intuitive layout and finishing tools.
  • Integrate with Your Corporate Environment
    • Manage the security of your data effectively with Secure Erase, user authentication and encryption of
       critical information.
    • Administrators can set general authentication, disable network ports and services, set IP filtering and support anti-virus software.
    • Offers multiple ways to securely print on the go - enabling users to print from mobile devices, in the office or at a remote location.
  • Scale Your Controller as Your Business Needs Grow
    • Productivity Package offers a host of graphic arts and workflow optimization features including Image Enhance Visual Editor, an interactive tool for optimizing image appearance and color corrections.
    • Hot Folders and Virtual Printers automate the job-submission process, reducing errors and automating repetitive tasks with a simple drag-and-drop operation.
    • SeeQuence Impose offers visual imposition and document preparation capabilities to ensure accurate, finished documents on time.