imagePASS L1

About imagePASS-L1

Item Code: 7538A001


  • The imagePASS-L1 offers high-speed performance and advanced data processing of office documents. Originally designed for high-end customers with heavy data printout and processing, the combination of the imageRUNNER 5000/6000 and the imagePASS-L1 Print Controller is a powerful printing solution.

  • The imagePASS-L1 Print Controller has the ability to store and manage huge amounts of data while printing simultaneously. The ability to function efficiently is due to the large hard disk space that is available for storage and manipulation of documents. The imagePASS-L1's 10.2GB hard disk and 128MB RAM make multi-tasking faster for greater levels of throughput for imageRUNNER 5000/6000 customers.

  • The imagePASS-L1 includes PCL and PostScript drivers.

  • The imagePASS-L1 works with a large number of utilities. Many of these utilities assist in making the day-to-day task of printing and copying seamless, while driving the capability to monitor and maintain document processing.