imagePROGRAF iPF6400S

imagePROGRAF iPF6400S
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Color Calibration Management System:

The Color Calibration Management Console is included for the centralized management of networked printers in a system from one easy to use software tool. This unique feature enables color calibration targets created using the iPF6400S printer with the optional SU-21 spectrophotometer to be linked across the entire line of 8-Color imagePROGRAF iPFX400S series printers. A printer’s administrator can monitor and manage each printer in a remote location. Linking color calibration targets among multiple printers allows color calibration for custom media to be performed on printers not equipped with a Spectrophotometer Unit.

This feature also gives users the ability to:
  • Remotely monitor/execute color calibrations for all printers on network, as well as be able to schedule remote calibrations based on system needs.
  • Determine the media type loaded in each device on the network
  • Determine the serial number of the printer device and other general information
  • Obtain accounting information from each printer on the network
  • Access the Status Monitor for each printer on the network