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Item Code: 8474A003


  • Ultra-wide Print Head
    The imagePROGRAF W7200 is equipped with Canon's newly developed print head with a width of 1.07 inches. It is this technology that drives the imagePROGRAF series with it's remarkable array of 7,680 nozzles (1,280 per color). This significantly raises the bar on performance, speed, and quality.

  • Canon Graphic RIP
    Canon has developed a Raster Imaging Processor (RIP) especially designed to enhance the large format printing workflow. The Canon Graphic RIP is a multi-function software program created to meet today's printing demands. The RIP supports hot folder functions, color management and much more.

  • MicroFine Droplet Technology
    At the core of Canon's latest achievement is it's MicroFine Droplet Technology, made possible by high-precision manufacturing technology for the head, and a completely new ink-firing system. By mounting a heater at the end of each nozzle, the print head is able to fire ink straight down, ensuring consistent and accurate dot placement, even at extremely high speeds. This ink dispersement technique provides increased ink-head power, speed, and overall control of the printer

  • Large-volume ink tanks
    The 330ml ink tanks for each color are designed for large-volume printing. Productivity is further enhanced by a tubing system that allows ink to be supplied continuously from the ink tank to the print head.

  • Easy Operation
    The imagePROGRAF W8200 is designed so that all operations from the user panel to media feed and retrieval are performed at the front of the printer.