imagePROGRAF W6400

imagePROGRAF W6400

About imagePROGRAF W6400

Large Format Printer
Item Code: 0125B002


imagePROGRAF Print Plug - in for Adobe® Photoshop® - an export print module for Photoshop®

imagePROGRAF Print Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® - Canon includes this Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® with every W8400 and W6400 large format printing solution. Photoshop® users can now Create, Process and Print large format images directly from their coveted application. This plug-in is a true export module that bypasses the print driver. It allows for 16-bit image processing and direct 10-bit printing, dramatically increasing gradations and in turn image quality. The print history function enables the user to go back and apply past color, profile and print settings to future jobs.


  • 16-bit Color Support
  • Custom ICC Profile Support
  • Data Process Bit Selection (8/16 bits)
  • Data Process Resolution (300/600dpi)
  • Manual Color Adjustment
  • Print History
  • Setting Favorites From History