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Main Unit Specs

Model NameimagePRESS C1
Developing SystemDry Dual Component Developing System Auto Carrier Refresh
Image Server Memory80GB HDD + 1GB RAM (Max 1.5GB)
Max Mailboxes Supported100 User Inboxes
Scanning Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Printing Resolution1200 x 1200 dpi (Continuous Tone)
Halftone256-Level Grayscale
LetterUp to 14 ppm (Color)/Up to 60 ppm (B/W)
First Copy Time7.6 Seconds (B/W), 14.1 Seconds (Color)
Multiple Copies1 to 999
Magnification25% - 400% (Between 25% and 400%, in 1% Increments)
Preset Reductions25%, 50%, 61%, 70%, 81%, 86%
Preset Enlargements115%, 122%, 141%, 200%, 400%
Acceptable Originals(MFP and Copier Model): Sheets, Books, 3-Dimensional Objects (Up to 4.4 lb./2kg)
Maximum Original Size11" x 17" (Ledger)
Standard Paper Capacity550 Sheets Paper Drawers x 4 (2,200 Sheets: 20 lb. Bond/80gsm)
Optional: Paper Deck-AA1/AB1 (3,500 Sheets: 20 lb. Bond)
Manual BypassStack Bypass (100 Sheets: 20 lb. Bond)
Output Sizes
CassetteExecutive, Statement-R, Letter-R, Letter, Legal, 11" x 17", 12" x 18", 13" x 19"
Bypass3-5/16" x 5-7/8" to 13" x 19" (100mm x 148mm to 330mm x 483mm)
Acceptable Paper Weights
Cassette17 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Index (64gsm - 209gsm) and Transparency
Bypass17 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index (64gsm - 256gsm) and Transparency
DuplexingStandard Automatic Trayless Duplexing
Warm Up Time11 Minutes 40 Seconds Max. After Powering On
11 Minutes 40 Seconds From Sleep Mode
Power RequirementsPower Source: 120V AC, 60Hz (From Main Engine)
Power Plugs: 15A, 20A (Total Two Plugs for Main Unit)
Dimension(Printer/Reader, w/o UI): 41" x 33-3/4" x 35-3/8" (1042mm x 855mm x 898mm)
(Printer/Reader, with UI): 58"x 52-3/4" x 35-3/8" (1476mm x 1339mm x 898mm)
Weight(Printer/Reader): Approximately 616 lb. (280kg)

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DescriptionDADF (Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder)-R1*
Acceptable OriginalsStatement to 11" x 17"
Scanning SpeedUp to 80 Sheets per Minute (Letter)
Capacity100 Sheets
Paper Weights13 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (50gsm to 216gsm)
Dimensions5-5/8" x 25-1/2" x 22-3/8" (143mm x 646mm x 569.5mm) (Excl. Document Output Tray)
Weight(Excluding Output Tray): Approximately 47.3 lb. (21.5kg)

Color Image Reader-H1
Image Sensor: CCD
Originals: Sheets, Books, 3-Dimensional Objects Up to 4.4 lb. (2kg)
Document Size: Statement to 11" x 17" (139.7mm x 139.7mm to 297mm x 432mm)
Light Source: Xenon Tube
Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi, 256 Gradations
Productivity: Up to 80 ipm (300 dpi), Up to 50 ipm (600 dpi)
Power Source: From Main Engine
Dimensions (H xWx D) (Excluding Document Feeder): 4-1/8" x 28-7/8" x 23-1/2" (105mm x 732mm x 595mm)
Weight (Excluding Document Feeder): Approximately 38.5 lb.(17.5kg)

Paper Supply Options
DescriptionSide Paper Deck-AA1**
Paper Capacity3,500 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Paper SizesLetter, Letter-R, Legal, 11"x 17", 12"x 18",13"x 19"
Paper WeightsNon-Coated Media: 17 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index (64gsm to 256gsm)
Coated Media: 28 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index (106gsm to 256gsm)
Dimensions22-1/2" x 23-5/8" x 24-1/2" (570mm x 601mm x 621mm)
WeightApproximately 112.4 lb. (51kg)
DescriptionSide Paper Deck-AB1
Paper Capacity3,500 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Paper SizesLetter
Paper Weights17 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Index
Dimensions22-5/8" x 12-7/8" x 23" (574mm x 326mm x 583mm)
WeightApproximately 101.4 lb. (46kg)
Output Options
Finishers Output Trays
DescriptionFinisher-AA1 and Saddle Finisher-AA2 (Optional)
Number Of Trays3 Trays
Top TrayNon-Collate Mode: 250 Sheets (Letter, Statement-R, Executive), 125 Sheets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17", 12" x 18", 13" x 19")
Middle TrayNon-Collate Mode: 1,300 Sheets (Letter, Statement-R, Executive), 650 Sheets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17", 12" x 18", 13" x 19")
Collate and Group Mode*** 1,300 Sheets (Letter, Executive), 650 Sheets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17")
Staple Mode*** 1,300 Sheets/100 Sets (Letter, Executive), 650 Sheets/50 Sets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17")
Lower TrayNon-Collate Mode: 2,450 Sheets (Letter, Executive), 1,700 Sheets (Statement-R), 650 Sheets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17",12" x 18", 13" x 19")
Collate and Group Mode*** 1,700 Sheets (Letter, Executive), 650 Sheets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17")
Staple Mode*** 1,300 Sheets/100 Sets (Letter, Executive), 650 Sheets/50 Sets (Legal, Letter-R, 11" x 17")
Saddle Stitch Tray1 to 5 Sheets/25 Sets; 6 to 10 Sheets/15 Sets; 11 to 15 Sheets/10 Sets
Staple CapacityCorner/Double: 50 Sheets (Letter, Executive), 30 Sheets (Letter-R, Legal, 11" x 17")
Paper SizesLetter-R, Legal, 11" x 17", 12" x18"
Stapling Capacity15 Sheets
Fold TypeV-Fold
Dimensions43-3/8" x 25-1/2" x 25-7/8" (1102mm x 646mm x 656mm)
WeightFinisher-AA1: Approx. 106.9 lb. (48.5kg)
Saddle Finisher-AA2: Approx. 156.5 lb. (71kg)
Attachable Accessories: Puncher Unit-M1

Puncher Unit-M1
(Option for Finisher-AA1/Saddle Finisher-AA2)***
Max. Paper Weight: 17 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index (64gsm to 256gsm, 106gsm to 256gsm for Coated Media)
Paper Sizes: 2-Hole: Letter-R, Legal, Executive
3-Hole: Letter, 11" x 17"
Punch Method: Sequential Processing System (One Sheet at a Time)
Punch Dust Stock: 3,000 Sheets
Dimensions (H xWx D): 32-3/4" x 4-1/4" x 24-1/4" (833mm x 107mm x 614.8mm)
Weight: Approx. 15.9 lb. (7kg)

Print Board
DescriptionColor UFRII/PCL/PS Printer Kit-P1tt
ProcessorCanon Dual Custom Processors - Shared
Standard Memory1GB (Max 1.5GB) - Shared
Hard Disk80GB - Shared
PDL SupportUFRII, PCL 5e, PostScript 3 Emulation
Interface Connections10/100 Base-T (RJ-45), USB (2.0)
Network OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/CitrixMetaframe/Mac OSX
Send Expansion Sets
DescriptionColor Universal Send Kit-G1
Sending MethodE-Mail, I-Fax, SMB, File Server, (FTP, IPX, WebDAV), User Inbox
Address Book CapacityMax. 1,800 Destinations (Includes 200 One-Touch Buttons), Max. 5 LDAP Servers
File FormatFile: FTP (TCP/IP), SMB (TCP/IP), NCP (IPX), WebDAV
E-Mail/I-Fax: SMTP, POP3, I-FAX (Simple, Full)
Sending SizeFile, E-mail: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF (Compact)ttt PDF (Trace & Smooth)ttt, PDF (OCR)ttt, Encrypted PDFs, Digital Signature PDF (Devices, Userss)
I-Fax: B/W: TIFF (MH, MR, MMR) Color: TIFF (Profile-C)

Additional Optional Accessories:

  • Universal Send PDF Advanced
  • Universal Send PDF Security
  • Digital User Signature PDF Kit-A1sss
  • Web Access Software-E1n
  • Secure Watermark-A1nn
  • Encrypted Secure Print Software-C1n
  • Security Expansion Board-E1
  • Voice Guidance Kit-A2u
  • imageRUNNER 512MB Expansion RAM-C1
  • Remote Operators Software Kit-A2
  • imageRUNNER Security Kit-A2uu
  • Platen Cover Type Kuuu
  • Stack Bypass Tray-B1
  • Card Reader Attachment-E1
  • Voice Guidance Attachment-B1
  • Staple Cartridge-J1
  • Staple Cartridge-D2
  • Document Tray-J1
  • Card Reader-C1§
  • Key Switch Unit-A2
  • Cassette-AA1
  • ADF Access Handle-A1§§
  • imagePRESS Server Q1§§§
  • imagePRESS Server T1§§§
  • eCopy Suite
  • imageWARE Suite

Footnotes:* Power Supply Unit-S1 (for imagePRESS C1) is included.
** Requires power outlet independently
*** Up to 11" x 17"
t Up to 12" x 18"
tt The imageRUNNER 512MB Expansion RAM-C1 is included standard in this set item
ttt When configured on the imagePRESS C1, requires Universal Send PDF Advanced Feature Set-A1
s When configured on the imagePRESS C1, requires Universal Send PDF Security Feature Set-A1
ss When configured on the imagePRESS C1, requires Digital User Signature Kit-A1
sss Requires the Color Universal Send Kit-G1
n Cannot be installed with the imagePRESS Server Q1/T1
nn The imageRUNNER 512MB Expansion RAM-C1 is required except when configured with the Color UFR II/PCL/PS Printer Kit-P1
u Voice Guidance Attachment-B1 is required for installation
uu Security Expansion Board-E1 is required for installation
uuu Cannot be installed w/the DADF-R1
§ Requires Card Reader Attachment-E1
§§ Requires DADF-R1
§§§ Check with your local Authorized Canon Dealer for availability

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.