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The imagePRESS C1+ has previously allowed designers to create stunning varnish effects on a wide variety of paper weights and textures, and is enabling precision color matching capabilities previously difficult to achieve in-house.

Now, building on this proven platform, Canon brings you even more with the next generation of this amazing creative tool - the imagePRESS C1+II. More control. More flexibility. More color management capability. More standard professional tools, like Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition and X-Rite's iPro 2 spectrophotometer. And, especially, more speed. In fact, the imagePRESS C1+II delivers processing speeds that are up to 22% faster than its predecessor.

In addition, the imagePRESS C1+II is packed with a host of new features that enable you to tap into its power to create stunning effects even more efficiently - so you can see your ideas brought to life even faster and easier, right in-house.

And best of all, you get all these new features, greater control, enhanced color management capability and valuable accessories at a price point well within the budgets of even smaller operations - so you can deliver more to your clients while helping to boost your bottom line as well.