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12 x 36 IS II

IS Binoculars
12 x 36 IS II

Item Code: 9332A002
Estimated Retail Price: $849.99

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Finest Stabilized Optics The binoculars are a brilliant piece of optics and technology, second to none. They lack not a thing, are extremely dependable & a sturdy well-built, water-resistant, sealed & coated to perfection. There are no others, on the market, that can stabilize, that are as light and yet durable enough to compare to what Canon has created. They serve for a number of uses, most of which have to do with aviation. I also use them to track many type of animals, before capturing wildlife, with my Canon 5D MkII. The binoculars are a wonderful investment, which gives back, over and over and over again. February 22, 2013
Outstanding product I'm an observer in a law enforcement helicopter, and we use these binoculars on a daily basis. They are relatively light weight, very durable, and very quick to use. We normally patrol at altitudes of 500 feet, and the power of these binoculars is perfect for the job we perform. The focus is very quick to adjust, and the stabilization button is easily located and operated at the top of the device. These binoculars use easily found AA batteries, and we normally get approximatley 2 weeks of use from a pair (replaceing the batteries before they're totally exhausted). August 6, 2011
The stabilizer is incrredible. We used these binoculars on cruises, and on road trips through Canada and the U.S. We were able to watch, with great clarity and stability, many varieties of wildlife. Friends and relatives who have used them have been amazed. They're the best binoculars we've ever had. November 8, 2009
By far the best I bought these glasses for hunting in the open wheat fields of our area. We have to be looking for a 3 point antler or more, for a buck to be legal in washington state. I was beyond surprised that these glasses stopped all motion and could clearly see how many points there were at a distance much further than I can accurately shoot. I will never go hunting again without them! October 23, 2009
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