DT-120 Type SFP


About DT-120 Type SFP


Benefits of the DT-120
The Canobeam DT-120 transmits data from distances of 100m to 2km, and speeds of 25 Mbps to 156Mbps. The DT-120 has a modular SFP slot capable of supporting multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable. With the introduction of the DT-100 Series, built-in Auto Tracking is now standard with on all Canobeam models. Affordably priced without compromise, the DT-120's Auto Tracking allows transmission at 2km in only 1km visibility conditions.

Lower Cost Installation than Fiber Optic Cable
Typically, a Canobeam network can be installed for much lower costs than fiber optic cable, since construction is avoided. Also, operating costs are limited to electricity and simple, routine maintenance.

Highly Secure and Reliable
Canobeam technology provides a highly secure and reliable link which has been proven at college and corporate campuses, government and military facilities and other applications where telecom copper bandwidth is insufficient, fiber is cost prohibitive or logistically impossible, or a redundant/disaster recovery system is essential.

Optimized Optical Performance
Nineteen years of free space optics (FSO) engineering expertise, and their established reputation as an advanced technology leader, is your assurance that Canon has the "know how" to design a sophisticated optical beam system that are optimally engineered for use in data transmission equipment.

Management Capabilities Via SNMP, Telnet and FTP
With a DT-MNG100, Management Board built-in as a standard feature, the status of the transceivers can be managed via SNMP (for monitoring) or Telnet (for monitoring and sending). Also diagnostic logs can be stored in a PC via FTP (for log data transmission).