HJ14ex4.3B ITS-RE/ME

Broadcast Lenses

HJ14ex4.3B ITS


Canon’s HD remote control lenses support a variety of applications to a wide range of operators. It allows the user to have control of their HD acquisition system from a remote location including reducing time and costs associated with manned systems. It also gives the ability to shoot in constrained or inaccessible settings. Distance learning, video conferencing, and telemedicine are some of the most popular reasons for acquiring a remote control system.

Canon’sHJ14ex4.3B ITS remote control lens features HDTV advanced technology developed over a long history of producing the world’s best lenses. They offer an exceptional optical performance, while maintaining the same control interface throughout all of Canon’s remote control lenses. This will enable all new lenses to be perfectly compatible with existing remote control pro-video and broadcast pan-tilt systems. The optional flexibility of Canon’s Crossover, an aspect ratio switching system, makes it a superb performer for both 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 image formats.

  • ITS-ME: Manually Operated 2X Extender


  • ITS-RE: Motorized 2X Extender