HJ17ex6.2B Series

Broadcast Lenses

HJ17ex6.2B Series
Item Code: 9951A012


  • Shoot closer, shoot wider. Improved mobility for camera crews in diverse situations:

    When covering news stories on-site, camera crews must work with a limited supply of equipment and react rapidly to various changes in subject distance and focal length. The HJ17EX6.2B is capable of adapting flexibly to all manner of filming situations, whether shooting in close proximity to a subject or shooting close-ups of a subject from far away, without the need for changing lenses, thanks to its short M.O.D., extra-wide angle, 17X magnification, and built-in 2X extender.

    For production of documentaries, the HJ17EX6.2B enables vivid shooting even when ultra-close to the subject to make the scene come alive, or shooting in small rooms where distance from the subject cannot be attained.

    The HJ17EX6.2B is a single lens capable of flexible operation, enabling the improved versatility required by camera crews, maximum cost- and performance-efficiency for productions, and a wide range of expressive possibilities.

  • Superb optical performance, wider focal length and shorter M.O.D. (minimum object distance):

    With focal lengths ranging from wide-end to tele-end, and at subject distances ranging from infinite distance to extreme closeup (in which case optical performance generally suffers), the HJ17EX6.2B minimizes optical aberration across the entire screen and exhibits superb optical performance throughout the field.

    The HJ17EX6.2B provides the same magnification (17x) as our well-established HDTV production lens, the HJ17ex7.6B, while achieving a wider focal length of 6.2mm.

    M.O.D. has been shortened by approximately 30% (0.4m) compared to the HJ17ex7.6B.