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EF 28 f/1.8 USM

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EF 28 1.8 USM
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Item Code: 2510A003
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I LOVE THIS LENS! This is the 4th lens (all Canon) that I purchased for my full frame 5D Mk II, and I love it. This lens has relegated my slower mid-range IS zoom to the closet. In a side by side test at 28 mm in evening light, the images this lens produces blows those of my slower mid-range IS zoom away! I prefer this lens for walk around and events - basically anytime I am not shooting portraits. It feels light and not bulky, makes my camera much more enjoyable to carry around. On top of that, it looks great and feels very well built. The only reason I didn't 5 stars for: Features - is it is simple - which is a good thing. What more does it need? Performance - I have read that certain other fixed L lenses have very slightly more contrast at apertures wider than 2.8, which is hard for me to believe after using this one. If I hadn't read that, I would have given this lens 5 stars. Quality - 4 stars only because it is not metal, but it feels solid like metal, and thank goodness it isn't metal because otherwise it would be heavier. Since you are reading this, you obviously think you might need a fixed 28 mm. My suggestion is stop reading and just buy this lens - you won't be sorry - unless you feel like you want to spend more on an L lens ... March 28, 2014
Fast Primes Are Your Friend I bought this lens because I wanted a fast prime. That's precisely what I got. As the other reviews have said, this lens works out to be very close to an actual nifty fifty focal length on a crop sensor like the T3i. In hindsight, I probably should have gone with a 35mm or a 50mm, but that has nothing to do with the quality of this lens, just my preference. When I pulled this lens out of the box, I was thrown off by the weight. Coming from only having kit lenses before, the weight for the size of the 28mm was surprising to me. It's still very compact and wieldy, which is very nice for just bringing a camera and a lens with you on a trip. The working with a f/1.8 lens is great. Because of the fast aperture and short focal length, IS really isn't necessary. As I mentioned earlier, this lens works out to be roughly a 50mm, which I like because I learned on a film camera with a fast 50mm lens. However, you will still end up with the wide angle distortion. On a full frame camera, the field of view is quite stunning. Great for medium to small rooms or getting a close foreground and distant background. June 5, 2013
You Can't Go Wrong. This is truly a great piece of engineering. I bought this lens with a wide-angle in mind, since I have a cropped sensor camera (T3i). The quality is great and the camera is perfect for street photography. I would personally refrain from using it for portraits... I use my 50mm for that. But that's personal choice! All in all, I'd say you cannot go wrong with this lens. The images are sharp, the focus is smooth. The only thing I could see people complaining about is the fact that it has a plastic body, which may make it feel a little cheap. But that is soon forgotten once your camera is turned on! May 3, 2013
Nice lens on a EOS crop sensor On a EOS crop sensor this lens works out to be a 44mm lens, which is probably why I like it so much. I've used it on a full frame camera too and it distorts on the edges, this is pretty cool too and makes the lens pretty versatile. The glass is nice and I'd buy this lens over and over just to make sure I had it in my bag. September 15, 2012
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