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EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

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EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
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About EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

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Item Code: 2515A003
Estimated Retail Price: $399.99

EF 50mm f/1.4 USM 3.7 5 71 71
Disappointed... Images are never sharp and are very soft. I had heard good things about the 50 1.4 but I am very disappointed in the quality of image. May 14, 2014
everyone needs a 50! Whether you opt for the 1.2, 1.4, or 1.8, every photographer should have a 50mm in their bag. I chose the f/1.4 strictly for the combination of price and performance. This lens rarely leaves my camera body, and is really diverse enough for almost any situation. At f/1.4 I usually switch over to manual focus to get the right shot, but leave it on automatic at f/2 and above. The AF is not quite as fast as some other primes, however it is not an "L" either. I will always carry this lens, as it is the best bang for your buck that Canon makes. January 23, 2014
Not for a novice Pros: When it focuses where I want, the image is stunning. Good low light captures of still objects. Cons: It takes skill to use I use a T3 Summary: Build quality is good, the Lens quality is great, it certainly does what it says, just realize what you are getting. Autofocus takes a while, but there's a reson for it. Before I review the product, I always like to know the reviewer's perspective. I consider myself a seasoned novice photographers. I've takes my fair share of photos in many different settings on multiple continents. I even spent more than a couple hours trying to learn something about photgraphy. And I enjoy it and probably spend too much money on it. But I don't do this as a living and I don't get asked/nor will I ever be a primary photographer at a wedding (although, my realtives have used some of my shots from their wedding albumns) **Okay the review part** So the biggest thing about this lens is the apeture. I bought this lens because of the f/1.4. And it is great! I get butterry bokeh...if I can get relatively still compared to my subject. But I find that its actually quite difficult to. I should say that I typically take photos of my toddler in close quarters indoors. Its hard to get him to smile for the camera let alone stay still. Even when he is distracted and still, I find it hard to hold myself still enough (at f/1.4) to get his entire face in focus. The tip of nose might be in focus, but not his face, And I know what you might be thinking, "Well yeah, you have a very narrow depth of field at f/1.4. Duh!" Yeah, but I didn't realize just how picky it would be. And that's probably why it takes so long to autofocus or can't focus. Because you have to be very still relative to your subject. I will say, that if I get the focus, almost there, the autofocus is sometimes quick, but I think that might ruin the motor (manually adjusting the lens while in AF mode) so I don't recommend it. Anyways, If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten the f/1.8 because I'm not skilled enough to use the f/1.4. Shoot, for my kid's photos, I might need to stick with the f/4 of my standard lens. We'll see. But the build quality is good, the Lens quality is great, it certainly does what it says, just I didn't understand fully what I was getting. December 27, 2013
Sharp, low distortion, good price I needed a lightweight, inconspicuous all-purpose lens to use with my Canon 6D for family, landscape, and reasonable close-ups of flowers & wildlife while visiting Colombia. This 50mm is my least expensive yet sharpest EF lens between f4 -f8. Very good focus, nice colors, low distortion. did fine for night time and street photography - a bargain. December 23, 2013
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