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EOS C500

Cinema EOS Cameras

Cinema EOS Camera
Item Code: 6345B002


Terminal Connectors

The EOS C500 comes complete with essential I/O interfaces via professional-grade BNC and multi-pin connectors.

• Two 3G-SDI connectors output the Canon Log Gamma and audio signals at resolution and frame rates established within the EOS C500's 4K/2K priority modes.

• Two Monitor connectors can be used to feed a video signal to an external monitor in 4K/2K priority mode, with a choice of either Rec709 or Wide DR color-adjustment, look-up tables (LUTs). (Marker, zebra and peaking signals can be set to output to only one of the monitor ports.) Signal format is YCC 4:2:2, 10-bit.

• A Sync Out connection carries a choice of HD Sync/HD-Y or SD black burst/composite signals.

• A Genlock Input can be used for synchronizing the camera with an external video device.

• A Timecode In/Out connector enables the EOS C500 to either lock to external timecode or feed its internally generated timecode to external systems.

• An HD/SD SDI connector serves as a standard interface for commercial HD equipment, with multiplexed audio and video signals in a digital format.

• Two XLR Audio connectors are provided on the modular monitor control unit. The audio inputs provide 2-channel audio recording with the ability to switch between line-level, mic-level and mic-level with phantom power supply.