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Cinema EOS Cameras

Cinema EOS Camera
Item Code: 6346B002


Full Manual Control

The EOS C500 PL incorporates a number of built-in features that camera cinematographers and camera operators need to ensure accurate exposure and color levels during production.

• A versatile waveform monitor provides detailed analyses of both overall image brightness and RGB Components.

• To check color balance and view the effects of white-balance adjustments, an on-board vectorscope displays real-time image hue and saturation analysis.

The EOS 500 PL offers full manual control of all functions, including iris, shutter speed, gain, zoom, focus and audio levels, thereby allowing the camera operators to adapt to both technical and artistic challenges during the shooting. For maximum customization, you have access to Custom Picture Settings, Custom Functions and Custom Display Options to tailor the EOS C500 PL precisely to your specific needs.

For situations in which conditions require critical focusing, the EOS C500 PL offers several focus aids. A pair of Peaking Modes and a Magnify Focus Assist are available in both standby and record mode, making it extremely easy to check and confirm critical focus settings. An Edge Monitor Focus Assist system, which was first introduced with the Canon XF Series camcorders, shows overall focus of the image plus focus status of focus-check boxes.