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Cinema EOS Cameras

Cinema EOS Camera
Item Code: 6346B002


Canon 4K Super 35mm 16:9 CMOS Sensor

The EOS C500 PL features a Canon-designed Super 35mm, 16:9 CMOS sensor with full 4K resolution capable of delivering pristine-quality, 8.85-megapixel images needed for commercial applications with minimal moiré and other artifacts. Based on the same technology as the well-received EOS C300, the EOS C500 PL's High-Sensitivity CMOS image sensor has the additional ability to directly output full 4K, 10-bit RAW Bayered data through two dedicated 3G-SDI connectors. The sensor's large, Super 35mm size lets you capture cinematic shallow depth-of-field imagery, yet maintain the enhanced image characteristics demanded by professional cinematographers.

During data transfer, the uncompressed information from the EOS C500 PL's 4096x2160 Bayer-type CMOS image sensor is read out and transferred as RAW data to the 3G-SDI output. Prior to editing and/or image processing, this pristine RAW data is recomposed using a process known as de-Bayering to extract the highest amount of detail information from the camera's sensor, and capable of delivering truly breathtaking results for both film and TV projects.

By maintaining a wide pixel pitch, the sensor maximizes the amount of light that falls on each photo site, thereby enhancing the EOS C500 PL's sensitivity and reducing image noise. By using a single CMOS sensor to capture individual Red, Green and Blue channels for each Full HD 1920x1080 frame, the EOS C500 PL produces color performance that is comparable with conventional three-chip designs. Of course, during 4K recording, the EOS C500 uses a debayering algorithm to process and output a full-resolution 4096x2160 image.