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Digital SLR Camera
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3 fps up to 9 consecutive frames in RAW, JPEG or simultaneous RAW+JPEG

3 fps Continuous Shooting
With a continuous shooting speed of up to 3 frames per second and a maximum burst of 9 shots, the highly responsive EOS 10D is equipped to seize every photo opportunity. The rapid image processing of the high-performance imaging engine and a generous buffer memory help maintain this speedy performance regardless of selected recording quality, ISO speed and subject conditions.

JPEG or Simultaneous RAW+JPEG
Whenever you shoot the EOS 10D, you can choose to have it record in the JPEG format alone, or in the RAW and JPEG formats simultaneously. Both recording methods provide six selectable settings for JPEG image quality.
The JPEG file format is ideal for purposes such as Internet image transfers that require reduced file sizes. Canon's proprietary RAW (.CRW) format, on the other hand, employs lossless compression to ensure the highest possible quality, and is recorded at 12-bits per pixel to provide a wider range of tones and superior detail in bright highlights and deep shadows when compared with JPEG files. RAW files must be "processed" before they can be opened in your computer's image-editing software. This conversion process typically takes only a few seconds using the dedicated driver software, which will convert the RAW file into a standard 8-bit per channel TIFF file, or for maximum tonal range, a 16-bit TIFF file and transfer it to your PC.