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Digital SLR Camera
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Selectable processing parameters including multiple color space options

Processing Parameters
Besides the standard processing parameters applied by the camera automatically during image recording, the user can register up to three sets of parameters (contrast, sharpness, color saturation and color tone/balance), with each parameter adjustable to one of five settings via rear LCD monitor menu. The color tone/balance parameter is mainly used to adjust flesh tones for portraits, toward the minus side (redder) or plus side (more yellow). Once parameter sets have been registered by the user, they can be called up on the menu whenever they are desired for particular shooting conditions.

Color Space
The wide range of selectable processing parameters includes a choice of two professional color spaces: the standard sRGB color space and the expanded Adobe RBG (1998) color space, which is useful when you want to adjust saturation on a computer or print the image out in an RGB environment. Making the selection that best suits your needs is always easy with the Canon EOS 10D.