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Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 7082A010


Build quality and reliability you can feel. Professional photographers need tools they can depend on in any conditions. Its body is superb: built of cast magnesium-alloy, it combines strength, rigidity and effective magnetic shielding of the electronic components. It's been engineered to withstand extremes in temperatures. No professional digital SLR has ever been as effectively protected from dust and the elements as the EOS-1D.


An EOS tradition: superior comfort and control. In the EOS-1D, Canon blended the best of the digital and analog worlds to maintain its high standards. Buttons and switches are strategically placed in the same positions as on the acclaimed EOS-1v. Yet displays and controls that are unique to digital cameras, especially on the back panel, are laid out according to the same operational concept as the EOS D2000. The result is operation that is extremely intuitive for seasoned Canon users and easily accessible to others who are experiencing EOS for the first time.


It's not all metal. It's all magnesium alloy. All body covers and most internal chassis components are constructed of magnesium alloy that minimizes weight and delivers exceptional rigidity. This alloy also serves as an effective electromagnetic shield, protecting internal mechanisms from electrical interference. Every external detail was designed with environmental resistance in mind. Coupled with a durable baked coating, the body provides extra durability to withstand the toughest shooting environments.


Built to take the worst conditions. The new EOS-1D is the most extensively protected camera in its class. Seventy-two points on the camera body are specifically gasketed and sealed to protect it even in the harshest conditions, and the NP-E3 battery pack is gasketed as well to protect the battery compartment. Even the lens mount has a protective rubber surface, which mates with rubber gaskets on certain professional EF lens.


The rotary magnet shutter virtually eliminates failure. Canon developed the rotary magnet shutter not merely to reduce problems, but to eliminate the problems altogether. A bladed rotary-magnet shutter, similar to the ones used in EOS-1v and EOS-3, is used to protect the CCD and provide timing during longer exposures; this shutter is durability-tested to 150,000 exposures.