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New and extensive controls in the EOS-1D driver software. EOS-1D images can be brought into a compatible Windows or Macintosh computer using either the camera's built-in high-speed IEEE1394 connector, or by removing the CF card and inserting it into a card reader.


EOS-1D images can be brought into a compatible Windows or Macintosh computer. Images can be transferred using either the camera built-in 1EEE1394 connector (taking advantage of the speed of "FireWire"™), or by removing the CF card and inserting it into a card reader. Canon software includes an entirely new TWAIN driver (Windows) and Macintosh Plug-in Module, which have extensive capabilities including of course the ability to display JPEG and/or RAW EOS-1D images on-screen for editing or for RAW file conversion purposes.

EOS-1D driver software provides a host of tools and controls that process RAW images files as they are converted into JPEGs or 8- or 16-bit TIF files. Brightness and contrast, white balance (including a one-step "click" control), tonal curves, sharpness, and even Color Matrix -the color palette used- can be adjusted by the photographer while your original "digital negative", your RAW image file, remains unaltered. Processing a RAW image only creates a copy; it never alters the original file.


Even JPEG images benefit from the extensive controls in the EOS-1D's new driver software. Processing parameters permit adjustment and storage of various digital processing settings, and you can save up to three sets of these settings for different situations and apply them any time. Adjustments to the Tone Curve (contrast and gradation), Sharpness, and Subject Pattern Sharpness can be made to vary the "look" of RAW or JPEG images. You can also adjust the amount of JPEG compression in-camera.


Thirty-four items of text data are recorded by the EOS-1D every time you fire the shutter, and all can be viewed on your computer monitor using the EOS-1D's driver software (18 of these items can also be viewed on the camera's LCD monitor). Press shooters and photojournalists will appreciate its compatibility with industry-standard IPTC data recording (19 items can be viewed using the EOS-1D driver software, and the photographer's name and date/time are automatically recorded). Finally, the EOS-1D allows sound recording - ideal for verbal note taking in the field. Sound files can be played back with the EOS-1D's driver software.


Connect the EOS-1D to a compatible Windows or Macintosh computer with the IEEE 1394 cable, and Canon's Remote Capture software will allow you to shoot and save your images onto you computer's hard drive immediately as they are taken, and view them on the computer's monitor. It's a great option for various professional shooting; from studio portraits or catalog shoots to recording scientific data in the lab. Remote Capture software also includes timing controls for unmanned shooting, with intervals of up to 60 minutes between each shot possible.


Three custom white balance settings can be called up and applied at any time. This is an invaluable time saver in a variety of professional applications, from newspaper photojournalism to studio shooting. Even a one-step "click" white balance obtained in difficult lighting can be saved and applied again whenever that lighting situation arises.

Personal Functions are part of the EOS-1D's driver software, and can be installed into the camera at any time using the IEEE1394 connection to a compatible Windows or Macintosh computer. Personal Functions can be loaded into the camera, and once installed, they can be turned on and off just as the EOS-1D's built-in Custom Functions can. Twenty-four Personal Functions are available, and most match those used in the EOS-1v professional 35mm SLR. Combined with the built-in Custom Functions, the EOS-1D's Personal Functions provide professional flexibility unmatched by any other digital SLR.