EOS-1D Mark II

Digital SLR Cameras

Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 9313A002


LCD Monitor

The new 230,000-pixel, high-definition, 2.0-inch color TFT LCD offers nearly twice the resolution of monitors on other EOS digital models. In addition to providing superior image detail, it offers nearly 100% coverage of JPEG images, a new bolder typeface that simplifies reading of text menus, and brightness adjustable in five levels via LCD brightness menu. Users can choose to display one (Single), four (4-image index) or nine (9-image index) images on the screen, and the Single (Info) setting displays one image with detailed shooting information. A highlight alert function draws attention to white portions of the image that lack image information by blinking them when viewed in the Single (Info) or Single setting.


Expand Zoom Displays

Photos displayed on the high-resolution LCD monitor can be magnified from 1.5X to 10X in 15 increments, allowing users to check the focus and exposure of images with high precision. Operation is also extremely simple, since users need only press the Enlarge/Reduce button in combination with the AF point selector to zoom in, the AE lock button to zoom out, the Main Dial to scroll horizontally, or the Quick Control Dial to scroll vertically. For convenience, the magnification ratio selected for one image is maintained when the next image is viewed. The expanded zoom display function only available with one fixed ratio on the EOS-1Ds.


RGB Histogram

The RGB histogram function – a first for any EOS digital model – is a unique feature available on very few commercial digital cameras. This professional feature enables separate checking of color information for the red, green and blue channels, as well as inspection of other color-related information such as white balance bias, color balance, color saturation and color gradation compression. Available when viewing any recorded image in the Single (Info.) image playback mode, the RGB histogram is displayed in the same histogram display menu as the brightness histogram, which is also available the EOS-1Ds. Users can switch between the two histograms with ease.


Auto Rotation of Vertical Images

To enable easier viewing, images shot vertically are automatically rotated when played back on the LCD monitor. Manual clockwise rotation of the image is also possible by 90, 270 or 0 degrees through the image rotation menu. Automatic rotation is not available for image previews, but is available during video output of images to an NTSC or PAL external monitor via compatible video cable.