EOS-1D Mark II

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Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 9313A002


Digital Photo Professional offers a host of image editing functions designed to satisfy professional demands. For convenience, basic editing functions such as image rotation, white balance adjustment and exposure compensation, are available from the main screen. When more complex editing is desired, users need simply double-click any thumbnail to open Canon’s user-friendly editing screen. Or select multiple thumbnails and open the group image editing screen to display them all on the bottom or left side, with the currently selected image enlarged in the center of the screen.

Both editing screens include two palettes: a RAW image processing palette for exposure compensation, white balance adjustment, dynamic-range adjustment, color adjustment and fine-tuning of tone curve characteristics; and an RGB image processing palette for adjustment of tone curve, brightness, contrast, hues and saturation.

Adjustment results are instantly displayed, and switching between palettes is as simple as hitting the desired tab. Settings for each pallet can be copied and applied to other images or saved for later use. You can also split the screen in two, vertically or horizontally, to show the same image before and after processing. Up to 36 editing screens may be opened at one time.


Additional features complement the processing and editing capabilities of Digital Photo Professional and further facilitate the workflow of professional photographers. For example, batch conversion and batch saving of images is possible. Once images are selected in the main or group image editing screen, a single click can convert them to TIFF or JPEG images, save and convert them at the same time, or save them without conversion.

Digital Photo Professional supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, Wide Gamut RGB and Color Management System (CMS) using the International Color Consortium (ICC) Profile. It can also be used to control the EOS Capture remote image capturing function of EOS Viewer Utility.


With this convenient utility, JPEG and RAW images captured with the EOS-1D MARK II are clearly displayed on a PC monitor. Much faster than the File Viewer Utility that shipped with the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds, it offers twice the image preview speed while retaining the basic functions that were well received in the previous version. Its improved user interface also enables viewing and comparison of up to 6 preview images at a time. A remote image capturing function, EOS Capture, is included to replace the previous RemoteCapture and offers a much improved user interface.