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Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 8068A008


Unmatched Image Control, including Simultaneous RAW + JPEG Recording, 10-mode White Balance, 5-mode Color Space Selection, and much more.

RAW + JPEG Recording
With the EOS-1Ds you can record every shot in both RAW and JPEG formats simultaneously, at full speed, for maximum productivity. The RAW image format is ideal for printing and processing, while the JPEG format is convenient for quickly checking images and transferring data.

White Balance
The EOD-1Ds enables accurate overall color balance in different lighting conditions through an incredible array of white balance (WB) options, including 10 white balance modes, a white balance bracketing function and a Canon exclusive - manual adjustment of color temperature in 100K increments from 2,800K - 10,000K.

Color Matrix
Canon's unique Color Matrix function lets you select any of five different color characteristics (color saturation and color space). The Color Matrix 4 setting, for example, is optimized for Adobe RHN 1998 and provides a broad color spectrum with its low saturation.

ISO Speed Setting
The EOS-1Ds gives you unprecedented freedom with ISO speeds. Select any speed in the normal 100 to 1250 ISO range, in 1/3-stop increments, or even a setting of 50 via Custom Function 3-1 (C.Fn-3-1). ISO speed bracketing is also possible (±3 stops in 1/3-stop increments), enabling exposure to be varied while keeping the same shutter speed and aperture settings.

Processing Parameters
Default imaging settings can be adjusted in the camera, using Processing Parameters. Shooting in high or low contrast conditions? Add a parameter set with an adjusted Tone Curve*, and call it up on the menu whenever you want. Similar changes can be made to the amount of JPEG compression, and two types of in-camera sharpening.
* Tone Curve settings must be customized and uploaded into the EOS-1Ds via computer.

Enlargement Mode
The Enlargement Mode (P.Fn-30) allows magnified viewing of images on the camera's LCD. When the functions is ON and a picture is taken, a small JPEG image is created and saved within the main image file. By pressing the display button, the JPEG image is displayed on the LCD, with a navigator at the bottom right that allows selection of the area to be magnified. This feature enables users to check images for camera movement, focusing accuracy, facial expression, etc.