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Item Code: 8035B002
Estimated Retail Price: $1,699.00
Price reflects camera body only.

EOS 6D 4.7 5 66 66
Great Product Value I received my second Full Frame Canon camera recently since I do not change lens in the field and wanted a back up camera for the 70-200IS Mk II lens. The 6D is a great camera and gives me the flexibility of having a backup camera to the 5D MKIII. I can use either camera in complete confidence when I want a different lens with a longer range. Both have extra clear pictures and either can take HD video. I like the features and the feel of the 6D since it is lighter than the 5D and the pictures are excellent and they compare very closely to the quality of the 5D. I would recommend this camera to anyone wanting a Full Frame camera. It has plenty of features and it is very easy to use. I was surprised that the 6D HDR mode does not include the three pictures that make up the composite picture. The 5D gives me all three of the pictures plus the composite picture. You can edit those with software if you wanted to create an HDR file with your choice of details. picture. . May 16, 2014
Used it for over a year now and its great. As mentioned in the title, I've had the camera for over a year and its performed wonderfully. My first shoot after the purchase was following the Big Apple Circus for a couple of days. The high ISO settings helped out with all the tricky lighting situations under the big top. I've since shot countless jobs, the performance and image quality has been excellent. One major down side and a total oversight on my part when I was camera shopping is that it does not have a PC port. I tested the 6D with the 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT. I was disappointed that Rear Curtain Sync/2nd Curtain Sync / High Speed Sync were not reliable with this set up. That aside, overall I think its a great camera. Particularly for someone looking to upgrade from the Rebel series or videographers. April 21, 2014
This is a great camera I am very enthusiastic about this camera. It was bought after carefully considering the 5DMkII and 5DMkIII. After looking at each camera this was by far the best choice. I am delighted with the camera both in the field and in the studio. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering getting a camera as a replacement or as the first digital camera. Some folks say it isn't a "professional" quality camera. If you're depending on the camera to make you a "professional", or do professional quality work, then you need to get some training and some skills. I would recommend getting the external battery holder. April 10, 2014
So Glad I Went For It! After months of deliberation, I sold my 5d II and purchased the 6d with kit lens. So very happy that I did! The photos this combo produces are absolutely stunning. Great color, contrast and sharpness. This set-up is a little bit lighter than my previous, and has more features. Love the ability to use higher ISO and still have great shots. It is great for a beginner, as well as a more advanced shooter. I only wish it had the same focus system as the 70D, but can live with it. It is definitely a camera that I will use for years to come. April 8, 2014
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