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Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT

Speedlite Flash Lineup
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Item Code: 5743B002
Estimated Retail Price: $470.00

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Great radio, when there's ambient light I used the ST-E3-RT with 3 600EX-RT flashes for a wedding reception and loved the ease of the system and the results -- that is, when I could focus. There is no focus assist beam when the radio trigger is on-camera, so as soon as it gets dark, focus performance diminishes significantly. You then have to mount one of the flashes on-camera to get improved focus, which defeats the whole purpose of off camera flash. So, the radio system works best when you're trying to create some fill in good-to-average light situations. Once it gets dark and you want to use the system to create off camera light, you're out of luck. April 28, 2014
90 % perfect This is a product I have wanted for a long time, and it works very well, but...... It should articulate like the flashes do, meaning go from the flat position that is currently to a screen up, vertical position so it can be read when the camera is at an eye level position on a tripod. I would like to see this change made in a new product. Very frustrating to have to either remove it from camera or remove whole camera from tripod to change settings, or carry a small ladder to be able to see the screen while it is mounted to a tripod. Just my 2 cents. I own a lot of canon gear including four (4) 600 ex rt speedlights which I love. Make this product go from good to GREAT! You can do it..... February 23, 2014
Where's the AF assist beam? Everything works great except No AF Assist Beam. Need that beam, put that in asap. The main flash 600EX-RT must be mounted on the camera at all time at night time, so what's the point of buying this ST-E3-RT then? December 14, 2013
Great addition Also have a single 600 flash. Wish they had an adaptor for my 580 flash. But great for getting rid of the cord for macro, hand pointing the flash, remote location of flash. I will be adding at least 1 more 600 flash to the arsenal. October 11, 2012
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