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Total Studio Management

Aside from the use of Canon's advanced imaging technologies being used throughout, the features that set Canon's STUDIO SOLUTION apart in the market are its ability to manage and administrate every aspect of your studio's operations.

The receptionist doesn't need to be able to access the tethered shooting controls, and the photographer probably doesn't need to experiment with text and template overlays. STUDIO SOLUTION allows full administration of which staff members have access to what features. For the photographer, STUDIO SOLUTION is the ideal tethered or wireless shooting program. For the salesperson talking to the client, STUDIO SOLUTION is a presentation tool for showing picture packages, slide shows, framing options, and closing the sale.

While STUDIO SOLUTION is a single software program that will do everything a studio owner needs in their day-to-day operation, no single employee needs access to more functions than what they are assigned to do. The photographer sees the results of the receptionist taking the original order, sees the assignment to be shot, sees the studio schedule, and sees any special notes that need to be taken into account; but can't go in and make any changes to the original order unless the manager has given them that level of access.

Key features:
  • Access and permissions of all studio operations, camera and software functionality can be administrator controlled throughout the studio workflow
  • Scalable to any size studio operation
  • Integrates the needs of every employee and every department into a single networked application