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REALiS LCOS Projectors
Item Code: 4233B008


Versatile Connectivity with DVI-I Terminal

All that brilliance and image quality means nothing if you don't have the right inputs. The REALiS SX7 Mark II D gives you an impressive range of input options, allowing you to connect to a variety of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, Blu-Ray players, digital cameras and camcorders.

DVI-I Interface (HDCP Compliant)
The SX7 Mark II D’s DVI-I interface provides an all-digital connection between the projector and an input source. It avoids the signal conversion step required by analog connections, and thus maintains high signal integrity. This results in a clearer picture, with no flickering, blurred lines, ghost images, or coloration problems with text display. The terminal also accepts an analog signal from your laptop computer, and devices with a VGA terminal.

The interface is also compliant with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), ensuring a digital connection between HDCP compliant devices, such as many of today’s cable boxes, DVD and Blu-Ray players. The high quality of the DVI-I connection makes the REALiS SX7 Mark II D projector ideal for high defintion TV, and is compatible with 1080i and 720p video signals - without any reduction in image quality.

Connect to an External Monitor
Many desktop PCs cannot be connected to both a projector and monitor at the same time. However the SX7 Mark II D's Monitor Output terminal allows for an external monitor to be connected to the projector- a practical feature in settings where the projector is hooked up to a desktop computer.

Auto-Synch Audio Inputs
To give your presentations the final touch in impressive audio, the REALiS SX7 Mark II D gives you the flexibility of three audio inputs. You can use one audio input for each source you may have (DVI, VGA, and Video). A variable audio output switches automatically when the input source changes. Audio can be played through the projectors built-in speaker, or can be connected to amplified speakers or a receiver for high-quality sound. All simple to install and with sound levels controllable from your projector's remote control unit.