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REALiS LCOS Projectors

LCOS Projector
Item Code: 2224B002


Easy To Use Flexibility

With dimensions of 10.5" W x 13.2" D x 4.5" H (226 x 336 x 114mm) and a weight of only 10.6lbs (4.8kg), the X700 is an ultra-portable and compact projector that's easy to carry and set up, wherever you need it. And with an array of advanced and well-designed features, it's also extremely easy to use:

Keystone Correction lets you project a perfect image by correcting for keystone distortion of +/- 20 degrees horizontally or vertically. Plus, depending on your requirements, you can use it for rear-projection, or you can mount it on the ceiling with an optional Ceiling Mount Adapter.

The X700's new Auto Setup feature is quick and accurate. With the touch of a button, it only takes seconds to set up:
  • Auto Focus -- your X700 measures the distance to the screen and makes your projected image razor-sharp
  • Auto Input -- the projector automatically detects the input port
  • Auto Keystone -- vertical keystone correction is automatically applied
  • Auto Screen Color Correction -- the projector automatically compensates for the color of the projection surface

Once it's set up, operating your projector is easy with the help of Guidance Functions that display operating instructions in an on-screen window. For example, it lets you know when your projector doesn't detect an input signal. A Graphical User Interface also makes for easy operation, with three menus for quick access to display settings, image adjustments and system settings. Its well thought-out command hierarchy means you're never more than three steps away from any adjustment or operation you need to make. Illuminated Input Indicators show your projector's connections and operational status at a glance. Plus, front and rear infrared sensors let you control your X700 with a wireless remote from in front of or behind the projector.

In the classroom or office, the projector's Spotlight feature dims your image except for the area you want everyone to pay attention to. That way, you can make sure your audience sees exactly what you want them to see.

All the while, you can be sure your audience isn't distracted by fan noise. In Normal mode, the X700 runs at 35dB; and in Quiet mode, it runs at 31dB. Plus, you won't be distracted because you can operate your X700 effortlessly with the help of the Wireless IR Remote Control with illuminated keys. And the USB mouse function allows users to use the projector remote to operate the mouse of the USB connected computer.

The X700 even has features that make it simple to turn off. You never have to wait for the projector to cool down before unplugging it and heading to your next meeting - the projector's fan continues to operate, powered by an internal charging system. You can also turn the projector off simply by turning the power off with a control switch - a convenient feature when the projector is mounted on the ceiling and can't be operated directly. PIN Code Lock and Function Lock allow you to control who can make changes to the projector and prevent tampering with the settings.

You can even operate your projector - and receive alerts - through a LAN with the optional Network Adapter.

On top of all that, the X700 makes your life easier with its 3-year parts and labor warranty and 120-day lamp life warranty.