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Portable Projector
Item Code: 8483B002


Versatile Functions and Multimedia Capability including PC-less Presentations

The flexibility and versatility that the LE-5W Multimedia Projector demonstrates within a myriad of environments and situations is a marvel that is enhanced by its extensive multimedia capabilities. Additionally, this projector does not require a PC or similar device in order to deliver striking images, stunning presentations or brilliant videos!

When on the road, leave your laptop at the office. You won't need it with the LE-5W. Other than the lightweight and highly portable 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) LE-5W projector that will slip easily into your small suitcase or carrying bag, all that you will need is a power source. That's it. You won't even require a separate lens cap or a power adapter — it has been integrated into the unit to provide users with maximum flexibility and portability.

There's no need to transport a bulky, space-consuming laptop when you are on the go. PC-less projection is enhanced through the use of USB memory sticks and SD cards with the LE-5W. Additionally, the LE-5W supports a wide assortment of image, video and audio file types. Video compatibility includes: AVI, MKV, TS, DAT, VOB, MPG, MPEG, MOV, MP4. Supported audio files include: OGG, AAC, WAV (WAV supports PCM, and AD-PCM). Image and photo compatibility are found with JPEG and BMP.

Do your presentations require the use of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents or perhaps Adobe PDFs and/or text files? The LE-5W has pre-installed support for each of these, without the need for a PC or similar device.

The LE-5W increases its flexibility of use, multimedia capabilities and versatility by featuring 2 GB of internal memory.

Today's increasingly digital world is spread across a variety of devices and files, demanding flexibility and stronger control of how and where one is able to view digital content. Whether your digital content is stored on a mobile device, PC computer, laptop, tablet, camera or portable memory device, such as a USB memory stick or SD card, the LE-5W enables you to project this content onto a much larger screen, high-definition television or even against an office or living room wall for the ultimate in viewing flexibility.