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Portable Projector
Item Code: 8488B002


Low Power Consumption / Long Lasting LED Projector

More than ever, today's business users and home enthusiasts require high-quality, features-rich projectors that are durable and have a low cost of operation — without having to sacrifice performance.

The LE-5W Multimedia Projector minimizes the cost of operation by needing only 130W of power (Normal mode). Power consumption and the cost of operating the projector are further reduced when employing its Eco mode, which utilizes 30% less energy compared to Normal mode. In Standby mode, a mere 0.5W of power are necessary.

Often a projector's highest cost of ownership element is lamp replacement. However, the 20,000 hours of LED life the LE-5W provides its users makes this worry a thing of the past. In fact, its LED lamps can have a lifespan that is 5 times longer than conventional projector lamps, delivering extreme dependability and for a very low cost of ownership that conforms to nearly any budget.