LV Projectors

Item Code: 1296B002


Easy To Use Flexibility

Weighing in at only 7.3lbs (3.3kg) and measuring only 11.7"w x 10.8"d x 4.3"h (296mm x 273mm x 110mm), the LV-7255 is both lightweight and versatile, making it a preferred choice for those on the go.

Once at your destination, the LV-7255 gives you further flexibility by adapting to the environment. With Automatic Keystone Adjustment, for example, you simply place your projector on a flat surface. Built-in sensors detect the tilt of the projector and automatically correct for keystone distortion -- up to +/- 30 degrees vertically (of course, you can still adjust keystone correction manually).

The LV-7255 can operate as a front or rear-screen projector and can be mounted on the ceiling.

For enhanced Wall Color Correction, the Greenboard mode lets you project onto non-white surfaces, such as a chalkboard. Select from several wall color options for quick adaptive color correction so that images are closer in appearance to how they would look when projected on a white background.

Naturally, your LV-7255 does all this while still running at a low 35dB in normal mode and 30dB in quiet mode. It also boasts a rapid start-up time of 9 seconds, cools down within 30 seconds and offers an Automatic Power Off Timer with 8 selectable presets.

During your presentation, you'll also be also able to stay focused thanks to the LV-7255's Wireless IR Remote Control, intuitive on-screen menus and user-friendly control panel.

The newly designed wireless remote gives you control over a range of functions, including:
  • Auto PC Adjustment for optimizing the image quality of an RGB source
  • Source Select for choosing between 4 different input sources
  • Mouse Control for full control of a connected computer (with the addition of a remote mouse receiver in your PC's USB port)
Buttons are grouped and arranged in a smooth flow from top to bottom in order of each main function, making projector and presentation control simpler than ever.

On LV-7255 projectors, the remote control can also be paired with the supplied remote mouse receiver, allowing you to wirelessly control your computer from across a room. Mouse control is enabled by connecting the projector's remote mouse receiver to your PC's USB port.

The user-friendly control panel, meanwhile, lets you control volume, make menu selections and easily switch between 4 different input sources with the touch of a button.

Lastly, your LV-7255 makes your life even easier with:
  • Built-in audio speaker
  • 3-year parts and labor limited warranty
  • 120-day Lamp Life warranty
  • Password protection and control panel key lock
  • Attachable carrying handle