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LV Projectors
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LCD Projector
Item Code: 4327B002


User Friendly Design

The LV-7280's user friendly design has a variety of features that make using the projector a snap.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel
During your presentation, you will be able to stay focused thanks to the projector's new user-friendly control panel. Easily control the volume, make menu selections and switch between four different input sources with the touch of a button. With buttons resembling those of simple-to-understand printers and copy machines, the projector’s control panel operations are a cinch. The projector can also be controlled using the wireless IR remote control.

Tab-Style Menu
The projector's intuitive tab-style on-screen menu makes it easier than ever to navigate through projector settings. Simple tabs of white text on a black background allow clear visibility to select the appropriate settings at a glance. All menu options are available in 21 different languages.