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LV Projectors
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LCD Projector
Item Code: 4327B002


Simple Installation and Maintenance

The LV-7280 was built with a variety of features and functionality that it easy to install, use and maintain.

Direct Power-On
The LV-7280 has 2 modes for directly powering the unit:

AC Mode
Useful for ceiling installed projectors, this feature will automatically turn on the projector when the power cord is plugged into an outlet- eliminating the need to press the power switch on the unit- a practical function when the projector is not directly accessible.

Computer Synch Mode
This smart feature will automatically turn on the projector when a computer is connected and an input signal is detected. The projector will automatically synchronize with your computers screen's pixel configuration.

Digital Image Shift
These projectors allow you to display widescreen content through high-quality compression. As a result, when widescreen content is displayed, pixels above and below the image are not used. The projectors Digital Image Shift conveniently allows you to move the projected image up or down on the screen, into these unused pixels without any further compression. This ability to "fine tune" the placement of the projected image can be useful when projecting onto a fixed screen, or when stacking projectors for increased brightness.

Easy Access Lamp
An opening for replacing the lamp has been installed on the top of the projectors. Even if a projector is installed on the ceiling, the projectors lamp can be replaced without having to move the projector. In addition, a replacement counter will display a message indicating the time when lamps and filters need replacing.

New Filter Design
The newly designed air-filter has the ability to significantly improve dust filtration over that of previous models. Textiles in an "accordion" construction have three times the filtering surface for a three-fold increase in dust filtration. A newly improved filter cover design further protects the internal optics of the projector by preventing intrusive dust and dirt from filling the inlet gaps.