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LV Projectors

LCD Multimedia Projector
Item Code: 5317B002


Reduced and Simpler Maintenance

Longer Lamp Life

You'll experience lower operating costs and reduced maintenance time thanks to the extended lamp life of the LV-7295. It's possible to go up to 4,000 hours in Normal Mode and 6,000 hours in Quiet Mode before changing the lamp.

Longer Air Filter Life

Employing three-layer hybrid filters, consisting of perforated metal, urethane and metal mesh, anti-dust performance is greatly improved and filter life is dramatically lengthened over that of single layer electrostatic filters. The filter in the LV-7295 can last up to 5,500 hours in ECO Mode, significantly reducing maintenance time.

Easy Access Lamp

For a quick and easy replacement, the LV-7295's lamp is located on the top of the projector. Even if it's mounted on the ceiling, there's no need to move the projector to change the lamp.

To further aid in maintenance, a replacement counter indicates when the lamp and filter require changing.