LV Projectors
Item Code: 6831B002
Estimated Retail Price: $699.00


Flexible Connectivity including HDMI Digital Input

The range of input and output terminals with which the LV-7297M is equipped makes it a versatile partner of a wide variety of external sources.

HDMI Input
The HDMI input on the LV-7297M allows you to connect the projector directly to a high-definition input source, including satellite or digital cable boxes and Blu-ray players, to project uncompressed video images and deliver true 1080p high-definition.

RS-232C Serial Port
A third-party system can be used to control the LV-7297M through the built-in RS-232C Serial Port.

Video Input & Output
The LV-7297M has a composite video input for high-definition video projection.

Multiple Audio Inputs & Output
Two audio Mini-Jack stereo inputs and one output are found on the LV-7297M for relaying audio through external speakers. This provides the flexibility needed to play audio from a linked DVD or PC source. A microphone input also gives the user the ability to narrate a presentation making use of the LV-7297M's built-in 1W speaker.