LV Projectors
Item Code: 1705B002


Genuine Canon Optics 1.3x Zoom Lens

Canon means uncompromised image quality. Start with the LV-7575's Genuine Canon Optics 1.3x zoom lens -- a sharp, brilliant lens that lives up to Canon's unparalleled reputation for optical excellence. The f/1.8 projection lens is constructed from 13 elements in 10 groups. Although the lens uses a slightly smaller aperture -- from the previous model's f/1.7 to f/1.8 -- this has not reduced the projector's brightness due to the increased aperture ratio of the LCD panels. With a projection distance of 3.7 -- 29.1 feet, the lens gives you a diagonal screen as compact as 31" and as big as 400".

In addition to this optical performance, the projector gives you unparalleled image control with a variety of features:
  • Intelligent Image Sharpness lets you sharpen parts of your image while avoiding text (which can be deteriorated by correction).

  • Auto Picture Control automatically optimizes your images by adjusting its contrast with an emphasis on black tones.

  • Auto Lamp Mode adjusts lamp brightness in a darkened room. This ensures that black areas in an image are as black as intended.

  • 3D Noise Reduction gets rid of brightness and color noise, leaving a clear, clean picture.

  • Plus, the LV-7575 boasts an impressive 800:1 Contrast Ratio.