LV Projectors

Multimedia Projector
Item Code: 2473B002


Network Capability

Operate your LV-7585 projector from any computer on your company's network thanks to the optional Network Imager (LV-NI02). The Network Imager works with standard Ethernet-based networks using TCP/IP and will interface with the LV-7585 with an available firmware update.

Through an easy-to-use graphic user interface, you can then turn your projector on and off, switch inputs, or adjust the picture. You can program it to operate on daily or weekly schedules, and monitor its status - including lamp life.

When a lamp needs replacement or you would like a system status update, you receive messages via e-mail from the projector.

You can even manage as many as 100 connected LV-7585s from a single computer. (Each projector must be equipped with its own Network Imager.)

Because it's part of your network, you can transfer presentations to it from any computer on your system, or display screen content from computer to projector.

Screen content captured from a networked PC can be projected and shared with multiple PCs on the network.

And image data stored on a file server can be automatically transferred to your LV-7585 for display. Up to as many as 1,000 JPEG images can be displayed, and users can program how long and how many times an image is displayed.