LV Projectors

Multimedia Projector
Item Code: 2473B002


Optional Lenses

Combine Canon's brightest projector with a wide array of lenses, and you have a combination that will work in every situation imaginable. Of course, your LV-7585 comes with a sharp, versatile Genuine Canon Optics, 1.3X Optical Zoom. With a projection distance of 3.7 to 29.1 feet, the lens gives you a diagonal screen as compact as 31" and as big as 400".

But the LV-7585 can also be paired with optional lenses: an Ultra Wide Angle, a Wide Angle Zoom, a Long Focus Zoom, or an Ultra Long Focus Zoom. The Wide Angle lenses give you big screen performance even with short projection distances, while the Long Focus lenses let you maintain a manageable screen size over long distances. The zooms allow you to set the perfect screen size - regardless of the size of your venue.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Focal length: 22.33 mm
100" screen: 1.63 m (5.3')
Throw Ratio: 0.8:1 (D:W)
Wide Angle Zoom Lens
34.3 - 48.02 mm
100" screen: 2.5 - 3.7 m
100" screen: 8.2 - 12.1 ft
Throw Ratio: 1.25 to 1.8:1 (D:W)
Long Focus Zoom Lens
63.5 - 111.5 mm
100" screen: 4.7 - 8.5 m
100" screen: 15.4 - 27.9 ft
Throw Ratio: 2.29 to 4.17:1 (D:W)
Ultra Long Focus Zoom Lens
111.6 - 155.2 mm
100" screen: 8.4 - 11.7 m
100" screen: 27.6 - 38.4 ft
Throw Ratio: 4.15 to 5.78:1 (D:W)