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LV Projectors
Item Code: 4823B002


Projector Placement Versatility

In addition to being able to project images from the standard upright or ceiling-suspended positions, the LV-7590 can be installed vertically to project images onto the ceiling or floor, or at any angle in between. You can easily project onto a standard screen, or the ceiling or floor within the full 360º range

Center Lens Design
The projectors center lens design allows easier setup than projectors with an off-center lens- just center the projector in relation to the screen center.

Horizontal/Vertical Powered Lens Shift
The projectors powered lens-shift function lets you adjust the height and horizontal position of the projected image with push-button convenience. By shifting the lens itself using the projector’s control panel or remote control, the image can be raised or lowered and moved left and right without physically tilting the projector. The image can be vertically shifted up to 40% and horizontally shifted up to 20%.

Digital Keystone Correction
Even if the projector faces the screen at an angle, you can get perfectly rectangular images thanks to digital keystone correction. Images can be adjusted vertically (within a range of ±40 degrees) and horizontally (±20 degrees).