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LV Projectors
Item Code: 4823B002


Security Features

The LV-7590 has a variety of security features.

PIN Code Lock
Only authorized users are able to start and operate the projector, with the use of the projectors PIN code lock. At startup, a display will appear and prompt the user to enter a password set in advance by the projector’s owner. Users cannot get past this screen until the password is correctly entered. If no action is taken in over three minutes, the projector shuts down automatically.

Key Lock
The Key Lock function is used to disable the keys on either the projector’s control panel or the remote control, so only one person controls the show. This feature is helpful in preventing interruptions due to someone accidentally touching the control panel.

Kensington Lock
Prevent theft of unattended projectors by using the built-in Kensington Lock; a small, metal-reinforced hole used for attaching lock-and-cable apparatus. Secure and protect the projector with no unsightly components to glue or stick onto the projector.