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LV Projectors
Item Code: 4823B002



Ready for diverse input sources, the LV-7590 offers connection to laptop and desktop computers, DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, and more- including HDMI devices using a (commercially available) HDMI to DVI adapter.

Audio Input/Output
The LV-7590 is equipped with Audio OUT for relaying audio to connected external speakers. This is useful when a DVD or PC input source is also linked to the projector.

Digital to Digital DVI-D Interface
DVI-D is a high-speed interface that provides an all-digital connection between the LV-7590 and an input source. It avoids the signal conversion step required by the Computer IN (Analog RGB) interface, and thus maintains high signal integrity. This type of connection results in a clear picture, with virtually no flickering, blurred lines, ghost images, or coloration problems with text display. The DVI-D interface also includes a pixel clock to accurately reconstruct the timing of the digital signal.

Through its DVI-D interface, the LV-7590 can also be connected to HDCP-compliant input devices. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is an encryption standard designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of copyrighted digital content, such as feature films. Signals supported include D-1080i, D-1035i, D-720p, D-575p, D-480p, D-575i, D-480i, D-1080PsF/24, D-1080PsF/25, and D-1080PsF/30.

Monitor Out
The LV-7590 enables connection to an external monitor. In addition to analog and digital RGB, video and component signals can be output as well. This feature is especially useful in settings where the projector is hooked up to a desktop PC, not a laptop. Monitor connection is via a brand new dedicated Monitor OUT terminal.